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    The following is a quick self-awareness check sheet to see if you are ready for an MIOSHA visit. MIOSHA has several things you as a township MUST be able to show for employee safety. If you check NO to 6 or more of these you may want to give us a call here at archangel and set up a Safety Evaluation. Fines range from $0 to $15000.00 per occurrence.

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    1. Do you have a designated individual on staff full-time to coordinate safety?
    2. Do you have a CURRENT Safety Manual spicifically for your township / city ?
    3. Do you have a person on staff part time to coordinate safety/loss control program?
    4. Do your Employees receive training on safety and health issues?
    5. Do you follow the MIOSHA guidelines for your new employee training ?
    6. Do you follow the MIOSA annual training for your employees
    7. Do you have an updated bloodborne pathogen control program ?
    8. Do you have an updated HAZMAT or Hazardous Chemical program ?
    9. Do your employees receive any training on and know roles in a disaster?
    10. Do your employees have fire extinguisher training?
    11. Is your disaster plancurrent and in place ?
    12. Do your employees have access to written departmental safety rules and regulations?
    13. Do you have a Safety Committee that conducts regular reviews of incidents and accidents?
    14. Do you have a Regular inspection cycle for tools?
    15. Do you have a Regular inspection cycle for vehicles?
    16. Do you havea vehicle policy ?
    17. Do you offer defensive driving as part of your training?
    18. Do you at a minimum conduct annual motor vehicle record reviews?
    19. Do you have an accident, injury,incident or loss reporting system in place and monitored?
    20. Do you have a standard incident report form ?
    21. Do you offer annual audiograms for employees in extremely noisy work environments?
    22. Do all of your employees have access to written departmental safety rules and regulations?
    23. Do you have a comprehensive personal protective equipment in place ?
    24. Is this PPE plan enforced?
    25. Are Your employees trained in First Aid/ CPR/ AED
    26. Have you had a visit form MIOSHA
    27. Have you been reported to MIOSHA
    28. Have you been fined form MIOSHA