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Welcome to Archangel Safety, a beacon of safety established in 2020 at the insistence of his wife of 25 years and life time partner Clare,  Lawrence and Clare set out to change the safety world by offering new, dynamic and fun ways to keep people safe at work and at home. 

Our Founding Vision

Accessible and Affordable Safety

Accessible and Affordable Safety In 2020, Archangel Safety was founded on the principle that safety training should be exciting and entertaining in order to be effective. Our core belief is very simple: The reason for being safe at work... is not AT work... someone you love is waiting for you at home.

Growth and Excellence

From Aspiration to Achievement

We believe our no fluff, no-nonsense approach to teaching and consulting has lead to our growth with so many new and returning customers.
We continue to seek new and original ideas in safety training and do our best to keep OSHA at bay.

Our Info

Archangel Safety, founded by  Clare and  Lawrence ‘KOZ’ Kosmalski in 2020, is on a mission to to change boring safety training and consulting into fun, dynamic and memorable ways to keep employees safe.  We believe safety in the home and at work should always be the number one priority. As parents of  ten and grandparents of two, our mission is to make the world a safer place for everyone. That way you can go home to those who love you and are waiting for you!

ArchAngel Safety LLC

Clare Kosmalski, C.E.O.
Lawrence 'KOZ' Kosmalski , Principal
  • FCA/ Chrysler 
  • Harley Davidson
  • Peaker Services
  • Industrial Applied Technologies 
  • Bass Mollett
  • Van Buren Township 
  • Arconic
  • Great Lakes Towing
  • Challenge Manufacturing 
  • Shaw Electric 
  • Detroit Metro Airport
  • Brand Energy
  • WSI Industrial Services 
  • Dipping and Coating Operations
  • Wyman Gordon 

Partnerships that Define Us

Trusted by Industry Leaders

We are proud to have collaborated with esteemed companies, contributing to their safety initiatives. Here are just a few of the companies that have entrusted Archangel Safety L.L.C. with their safety needs:


At Archangel Safety, we’re helping businesses prevent fines and violations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA is a federal agency responsible for enforcing safety and health regulations in workplaces to ensure the well-being of employees. Non-compliance with OSHA regulations can lead to penalties and fines for businesses.

Here’s how a safety consulting company can assist you in avoiding fines from OSHA:

1. Compliance Assessment:  Archangel Safety can conduct thorough assessments of your workplace to identify potential hazards and areas of non-compliance with OSHA regulations. We will review your safety programs, procedures, and training to ensure they meet OSHA standards.


2. Customized Safety Programs: Based on the assessment, Archangel Safety will develop and implement customized safety programs tailored to your business’s specific needs. These programs will address identified hazards and focus on preventing accidents and injuries.

3. Employee Training: Archangel Safety can provide comprehensive training to your employees on workplace safety practices, emergency procedures, and the proper use of equipment and machinery. Well-trained employees are less likely to engage in unsafe practices that could lead to OSHA violations.

4. Regulatory Updates: OSHA regulations can change or be updated regularly. Archangel Safety stays up-to-date with these changes and ensures that your business remains compliant with the latest standards.

5. Mock Inspections and Audits: Archangel Safety  can conduct mock OSHA inspections and audits to assess your business’s readiness for an actual OSHA inspection. This allows you to identify and address any compliance gaps before OSHA arrives.

6. Recordkeeping and Documentation: OSHA requires businesses to maintain records of safety training, inspections, incidents, and other safety-related activities. Here at Archangel, we can help you establish an organized system for recordkeeping and documentation, ensuring you have the necessary evidence of compliance in case of an OSHA inspection.


Meet our Experts

Lawrence (Koz) Kosmalski is a certified instructor at the Great Lakes OSHA institute, Eastern Michigan University.  Koz has 20+ years in the EHS field.  Lawrence has a  Bachelor’s degree in Emergency Management and Homeland Security, with a minor in safety, and a Masters Degree from Lourdes University in Organizational Leadership and Business. He has worked in many industries, including manufacturing, firefighting, law enforcement, construction and emergency management.  Koz is also a U.S. Air Force veteran. His specialties include: OSHA Essentials HAZMAT Confined Space Rescue Lockout/ Tagout Safety Manuals/ Policies Hospital Safety ISNETworld / Avetta Certification Emergency Response. Lawrence is a, husband, proud father of ten children and grandfather of two. 

Clare Kosmalski has a Bachelor’s degree in education from Franciscan University and decades of experience speaking and teaching at various levels. Clare has been instrumental in the formation of many new programs in schools and churches, using hands-on dynamic learning methods. Clare is a wife and mother of ten and grandmother of two adorable babies


o OSHA 500,  501, 503 

o Advanced First Aid Instructor

o MSHA 46 Instructor

o HAZ MAT Technician

o Firefighter II


o  FEMA Command and Control 

o  FEMA Emergency Management 

o Basic Police Academy 

o HAZWOPER Instructor  ( 8-24-40) 

o Safety Management 


The following is a quick self-awareness check sheet to see if you are ready for an MIOSHA visit. MIOSHA has several things you as a township MUST be able to show for employee safety. If you check NO to 6 or more of these you may want to give us a call here at archangel and set up a Safety Evaluation. Fines range from $0 to $15000.00 per occurrence.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
1. Do you have a designated individual on staff full-time to coordinate safety?
2. Do you have a CURRENT Safety Manual spicifically for your township / city ?
3. Do you have a person on staff part time to coordinate safety/loss control program?
4. Do your Employees receive training on safety and health issues?
5. Do you follow the MIOSHA guidelines for your new employee training ?
6. Do you follow the MIOSA annual training for your employees
7. Do you have an updated bloodborne pathogen control program ?
8. Do you have an updated HAZMAT or Hazardous Chemical program ?
9. Do your employees receive any training on and know roles in a disaster?
10. Do your employees have fire extinguisher training?
11. Is your disaster plancurrent and in place ?
12. Do your employees have access to written departmental safety rules and regulations?
13. Do you have a Safety Committee that conducts regular reviews of incidents and accidents?
14. Do you have a Regular inspection cycle for tools?
15. Do you have a Regular inspection cycle for vehicles?
16. Do you havea vehicle policy ?
17. Do you offer defensive driving as part of your training?
18. Do you at a minimum conduct annual motor vehicle record reviews?
19. Do you have an accident, injury,incident or loss reporting system in place and monitored?
20. Do you have a standard incident report form ?
21. Do you offer annual audiograms for employees in extremely noisy work environments?
22. Do all of your employees have access to written departmental safety rules and regulations?
23. Do you have a comprehensive personal protective equipment in place ?
24. Is this PPE plan enforced?
25. Are Your employees trained in First Aid/ CPR/ AED
26. Have you had a visit form MIOSHA
27. Have you been reported to MIOSHA
28. Have you been fined form MIOSHA